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Shop equipment

ALTRARREDO is the best option to create, complete, renew the furniture of your shop. The customer has basically three benefits. The first one is creativity: this is essential for the end user, who can customise the products and have widely flexible uses and combinations. Secondly, great care is taken of product quality: since it began manufacturing furniture, Altrarredo has believed that taking special care of every single detail in the development of Shop equipment and thoroughly inspect every single processing step makes the customer more satisfied with the end product. Last but not least, the retail price: the price is always reasonable and competitive because of the special technology that reduces manufacturing costs, and because the products are sold from the manufacturer to the consumer, with no sales agents.

Altrarredo is a company based in Sissa, near Parma, and using cutting-edge technology and thus reducing the manufacturing costs of each piece it has managed to improve the quality of its work by automating many of its manufacturing processes. A special application of this technological innovation can be found in the manufacture of the staved panels, as they are manufactured by a fully automated line. The company can boast remarkable ability in the development and design of Shop equipment; for over thirty year, the Emilia-based company has been working in interior furniture.

So, anything the company supplies is simple to build, even for the people who are least familiar with the assembly of panels and shelves, as they have no experience in such jobs. This is one of the distinctive traits of Altrarredo's Shop equipment: the care the company has always taken of producing easy-to-assemble products.